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Feb 20, 2024
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New member, semi newbie to Pellet smokers after lots of internet research and reading reviews settled on a Pitt Boss Pro Series 1600,I didn't really want a smoker this big but I figured better too big than too small and it checked all the boxes for the features I was looking for. I had narrowed it down to Pitt Boss or Camp Chef the Pit Boss won out on build Quality double wall and built like a tank. I fabricated my own heat shield for the heat probe end (for some reason even though it was the latest generation it did not have the arched plate at the end) I did this even before my first cook it must have worked because it keeps pretty steady and accurate temps. I have completed pork shoulder, chicken, ribs, and even a pastrami !! all with great results !! so far I am enjoying my new Pit Boss and my new hobby !! as far as durability I guess time will tell.
Looking forward to being a member and contributor.
P/S for anybody contemplating a new grill cover I purchased a Grisun grill cover from Amazon absolute perfect fit !! very heavy material and well made.
First welcome from NH 🍺 🍻 I've had my 1600 pro series for about 3 years and as far as durability it's a beast! It's still in fantastic shape and hasn't skipped a beat. You are correct about having more space but I promise you that there are going to be times when you will still wish you had more space than you have on the 1600! Good luck and enjoy your new 1600

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