Hello All from Southwest Louisiana


Jun 2, 2024
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Lake Charles, La
New to the Pit Boss family. But I have been bitten bad, had an electric smoker that we purchased just before Hurricane Rita rolled through will it finally bit the dust this past weekend. Well needless to say over spent than planned but I'm happy bought the PVS4PS2 with assembly, cover and 2 extra temp probes. The only complaint I have was the professional assembly, I had to reattach the auger to the motor and a lesson was learned.

Plug and play turned into repair and play. Well I travel to my grand kids in Conroe area and decided that a portable smoker would be a great Father's Day gift to ones self, then purchased a PB150NX. So its great to be a member here and plan on learning some tips and tricks about the Pit Boss products.
Smokeyholler would the company be "Smokin' Pecan"? Found this putting my searching skills to use. :)
Yep. They appear to be the shells after the pecan has been roasted. Looks like it by the color.

They are a little spendy compared to regular pellets. Thought local pickup might be cheaper for you if you where close. Trust me they are at least worth a try.

I'll put them in the bottom of my hopper and cover them with hickory pellets then. Several hours on these to start out.

I got a smoke tube I'm going to try loading with them next .