Heating up issue with Pro 850


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Jul 5, 2021
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North Carolina
Hey all! New to the pit boss community, so hello!

So got the pro 850 about a month ago , did the burn off instructions and it did fine. But ever since then it takes forever to get hot and never reaches the temp selected? Only reason I’m asking is because I have a friend that says his PB does not take that long. The first few times I used it , it took 35 mins or more to hit 320 with it set on 400. I called pit boss and they said it is still learning until after 10 uses. So I have went through one bag of 20 lb pellets (now trying a different flavor from PB pellets) and probably near 8 uses. Tonight I started it with the lid open , after the pot had a good flame I shut the lid. I turned it to 400 degrees. After 30 mins it hit 350, after 45 mins it was around 385 and never would hit 400. And I never opened it once! I know these do not heat as fast as LP grills (I’m guessing) but is this normal? I just wanted to ask before I contact PB again. And I’m in NC, so today it it was 91 degrees outside, so I don’t think it is hurting the temp rise. Thanks for any ideas!


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