Heart Healthy Breakfast


Mar 24, 2021
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So I was speaking with my Cardiologist and he was worried because I lost some weight from the last visit. Asking me if everything was ok and I was eating enough. Told him sure, I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a mid-night snack. He was also worried my cholesterol was up 5 points above the national average of men 25 to 30 which confused me because I am 53. Told him I use a lot of butter when cooking and like white bread. He suggested I cut back on the butter some and eat more grains like 100% wheat bread.

Since everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I decided to modify my recipe. Thinking how can I fry my eggs and grill my toast without butter. Then it came to me like a message from God, use bacon drippings. So not wanting to run out of drippings from my normal 4-5 slices of bacon, felt I needed to step up my game plan to a whole lb. Frying the eggs and dipping the wheat bread in the bacon drippings to toast on the griddle.

Thanks Doc for helping prove that a heart healthy breakfast can still taste good !! And a double serving size of bacon to top it off.

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