Grease Fire - Lost Power

Goat Man

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Jun 11, 2020
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Hi, new to the Forum. I have a year old Traditions that experienced a hot grease fire last week. Just when I got to it I heard a fairly loud crack/click and the smoker lost power. It will not power up now. Any ideas?
your controller is probably toast, you most likely blew up a capacitor. They sound like that and smell horrible.
Thanks, I will take a look at it tomorrow. I was doing a poor job of cleaning out the gunk.
So I replaced the controller and got power back. Turned on to Smoke setting and everything seemed fine but then the fan stopped before igniting pellets. Started again and pellets lit and fan went off again. Fire will not stay lit. Any ideas?
Are you certain that you got your connections plugged in correctly? If the fan is on for 18 seconds and off for 115 seconds, that would indicate the fan is being controlled by the auger controller.
Good catch, that did seem to be the pattern. I'll take a look this evening.


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