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Jan 6, 2022
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So I've started to have a small issue with getting up to 230 on my 1150. Even once there I have to monitor because it's dropping.
Truth be told, this has been happening since the temps have gotten lower (I've only had the 1150 since September).
Long story short, when I first got the grill it took 20 mins to get to 230 and held great.
Now it can take 45+ mins unless I put it on 450 and then change to 230 after it reaches temp.
Even then it loves to drop down to 195/200 multiple times throughout the cook.
I've heard stories of pellet dust clogging the auger, and dirty thermometers.
Just wonder if this has happened to others and what the fix was.

In cold weather it’ll help you to lay fire bricks around the edge and you can also use a welder blanket from HarborFreight
Hopefully this helps you
Same issue I'm having with my Series 4. I've got some ribs in it right now, only the third time using it since getting it just last month. The internal temp is 205 degrees but it's set to 240.
Air temp is 38f so I know that's going to contribute. But I've had this temp struggle since day 1. The smoker is still pretty clean. Also the app will only adjust at ten degree increments. Sometimes only 20.

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