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May 28, 2020
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Warner Robins, GA
So I have a pro series 1100 smoker propane combo and when I turn it on and start smoking I keep getting shocked, I’ve had it about a month and a half and have had no issues until today. When it’s on it’s running and lighting and everything normal, but when I touch anything on the grill I get shocked, and it will trip my gfci. I took the hopper compartment apart to see if there was any moisture or chaffed wire and I didn’t find anything, however the auger motor looks off to me because it is sitting at an angle and there is no mount for it, and there is some wear under where the motor rests on where it sits, is there supposed to be some sort of rubber mount that it sits in or is it supposed to be like that? I can’t find any other smoking guns to why I’m getting shocked


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Not sure why you are getting shocked but the motor is the way it should be -- it has to free float and not be attached. If it was attached it would have a harder time pushing pellets. If it were attached and did not move it could possibly break.
I just bought the Pit Boss Austin XL it was pre assembled probably by a young person working at Walmart. I am also having shocking problems I get a lite shock from the grill grates when I reach in to remove the temp probes from the meat . I read on another thread that it could possibly be the grean ground wire from the controller not getting a good ground.but I have not checked it yet.has anyone found the fix for this yet. Many thanks and appreciatetions
If you are getting shocked then the ground wire is not working properly. Go through the wiring diagram in your manual and follow each wire and make sure the ground is properly secured.

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