Flames in the firepot


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Aug 19, 2020
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(maybe that's where they belong) I got my 820 about 2 months ago and had no problems with it until this week when the igniter stopped working. I called customer support and left a call back request. A few hours later I got a call back and had a conversation with a very helpful representative. She sent me troubleshooting instructions for the igniter. This morning I switched the fan and igniter wires on the controller board and determined that the igniter problem was due to a loose connection. I returned the wiring to its original configuration and tested it again. The pellets lit, smoke ensued and then the pellets burst into flame. Is that what should be happening (the smoke ceases when the flames start) or is the igniter now not turning off leading to overheating and flames?
HI Dick,

To me it sounds like everything is working normally. The igniter shuts off it does not stay on so you should hear the fan kick on during start up mode and then smoke will clear. Is your grill reaching the temp you set it on?
Thanks, Dave. I guess I should run it through a whole cycle. I was just surprised to see the flames. Thanks for the reassurance!

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