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First trial run with new Platinum Laredo


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Mar 7, 2021
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Put my new Laredo 1000 to the task this morning, burned it off yesterday and made a batch of venison jerky for the trial run. 34 degrees this am when I fired it up, took about 20 minutes to heat up, I set it to 200 and put in an oven thermometer to check grill surface against the controller, it seemed to be about 10 degrees cooler so I set to 180 and put in the jerky, smoke it app worked perfectly, I like that, 4 hrs later I had delicious jerky that everyone likes. So far I am impressed, temps didn’t vary enough to concern me even with the cold air temp, maybe 5-7 degrees. A couple of racks of ribs and a couple of Cornish hens will be the next experiment.
I put my new Laredo 1000 to work yesterday as well. First really nice day we've had. I was very impressed with it. I burned it off a few weeks ago and tested the app. I couldn't get the app to connect as first. I spent some time checking it and it just refused to connect. I checked the wifi on my android phone and it was set to 5G. I changed it to 2.4 and connected immediately. I burned it off while I ran some errands in town (about 5 miles away). I could change the temp and shut if off. Everything worked fine and I was impressed with the app.
The controller on the Laredo seems to be much better than the controller on the models from Lowe's.