Fire went out and have been experiencing 100 plus temperature swings


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Jun 25, 2020
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So after using my Austin XL for over a week grilling and searing, I attempted my first slow cook yesterday. Somewhere around 4 hours into it, my fire went out and my grill filled with pellets. After disassembling and removing several pounds of pellets, I resumed my cook. After a couple of hours in the 225 range where I had it set, the temperature started fluctuating up to 350 degrees. I see several posts that have described similar problems. Have any of you solved your problem with this procedure from their website? It looks like it is describing my issue spot on.

Apparently we are going to have to solve our problems together! Customer service apparently no longer exists.

My KC combo recently started doing this, and shutting off randomly. I have a new fixed temp probe and a control board coming but who knows when they'll get here...
Lol! We are all doomed! I saw numerous complaints about their customer service before I bought my grill. I was just confident it could not be this bad! So you have recently gotten through to someone?
Yes I leave my callback number and if they dont get back to me the same day I call the next day and do it all over again until they call me back. Then you better be ready with ANY AND ALL problems once you get them on the phone.

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