Oct 8, 2022
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North Carolina
Lol, quite often I end up with more of my injection contents on the wall, on myself or on the counter, someday I will learn to cover the hole and not hit another hole!

Rather than using foil during one of my rests and finishes I used parchment paper, I ended up with burn back and the 9lb shoulder took 48 hours! It was really good but I may stick with foil.

Use a clean rack after you wrap, after smoking for 24 hours I went to pull the shoulder out of the smoker and it was stuck to the rack, pulled harder and a third of the shoulder hit the bottom inside of the smoker, broke, and 2/3s of that hit the ground, 5 second rule! Kept what was covered in ash in the smoker.

If you do something stupid like I did with what I did breaking and dropping a third of your meat , don’t make it worse and do what I did, I closed the door and left the meat rotting in the smoker for weeks :(

Hope you at least got a chuckle at my expense!