extreme temp fluctuating.


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Dec 30, 2021
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San Luis Obispo
How's it going everyone? I'm new to the PIT BOSS FORUM and I ran in to a problem with my smoker, and it only happens during high temps. At the end of a smoke I always sear my meat and most recipe's that I fallow call for around 450 degrees. once set to 450 the smoker gets up to the high 300's and the temp just jumps around and very drastically from 380 to 420 to 450 and everything in between and all this happens with in seconds of each other. Once the temps stop jumping it usually settles around 370 degree, and goes up 3 degrees then down 4 then back up 3 more degrees then down 4 more so it's losing temp. This is the second time I observed this problem and this has only happen on my last two smokes. the burn pot and ash catch where both cleaned out before I fired up the smoker both times. I haven't contacted KC yet and I'm posting first because I'm hoping this is a super easy fix.
Welcome......Have you checked the temperature with a separate thermometer? Might be a steady rise and getting to or over 450 deg for a little and the smoker is saying just crazy temps. Temperature probe on the smoker clean? If all else fails, you could call Tech Support 877 303 3134 option 2.

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