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Excessive ash in cooking box after new PBV4PS2 burn in and long startup.


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May 16, 2021
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I did a 50 minute burn in over the weekend and there was more ash in the cooking box afterward, than there was in the fire pot once I was able to dislodge it from the drawer to empty the ash. I also noticed burning embers of ash floating around inside during the burn in. I never had ash in the cooking area with my PB FP700 barrel smoker. It all stayed underneath the heat deflector. Are the floating live embers and excessive ash in the cooking box a normal occurrence in the verticals? I'm not into eating dusty ribs or Boston butt 🤔

I tried a second run Tuesday with the same results. Also, the resulting ash is blackish(attributable to being new?), where my barrel smoker ash was more a whitish powder in the firepot and lower barrel area. And this thing leaks more smoke when it finally starts to heat than any Masterbuilt I ever had in the olden days.

On both occasions, it took a good 15 minutes sitting in front of the open smoker door before I even got a whiff of any smoke. Normal?