Ever try Lumberjack pellets?


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Apr 24, 2020
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Kalamazoo, MI
I have never heard of these but the review below rates them high saying they give off more smoke because they contain bark. Anyone ever try these? How are they?

Made from actual tree bark and the cambium layer, the LumberJack premium pellets are made mostly of hickory wood. Given that they’re made of tree bark, they bring out more flavor in comparison to residual wood. Furthermore, these pellets do not contain any oil or additives in them.

Due to their small diameter, these pellets provide more surface area for burning and smoking. Moreover, they also produce a minimum amount of ash.

The composition of chemicals and ash has been tested independently for these food graded pellets are made by blending the fiber before the wood pellets are compressed into shape. So, unlike its competitors that mix different types of pellets in a bag, Lumber Jack has pre-blended pellets in a variety of flavors.

However, the downside of using these pellets is that because these are mostly hickory, they can easily over smoke.


  • Mostly hickory wood
  • Pellets with small diameter
  • No additives or oils
  • Tested for ash and chemical composition

  • Can over smoke very easily
In my opinion there is no such think as "over smoke". I love that smokey taste.

Lumberjack Pellets on Amazon

Looking on Amazon most of the pellets are listed as discontinued.
Lumber Jack Pellets have been around for a long time and I have used them quite a lot. The pellets are smaller so that will reduce auger jams and I have seen less ash with them.

When it comes to smoke the Lumber Jack produces more smoke on my Yoder than my Pit Boss which is most likely due to the Yoder Fire Pot design. I have used the Competition blend and I pick up my Lumber Jack at Dicks Sporting Goods.
Don't you want some oil in the pellets to keep the auger lubed? Small amounts would be fine but if you use this long term couldn't you have issues?
Not sure if that is recommended or not but I have never done it and have used my Pit Boss weekly for about 2 years now and have had no auger issues.

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