Electric gas igniter

Alex McKenzie

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Aug 3, 2020
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Went to use the propane grill side of the combo tonight and attempted to use the electric igniter, but no spark... When you push the button you can hear a high pitch sound, but no spark. Changed the battery and pushed the igniters even closer to the tube and still couldn't get a spark.

Resorted to just igniting it manually, but that is going to be a pain to do each time when trying to use the flat top.
Is this the 1st time using the grille? Did you purge the lines?
There is gas in the tubes as it lit immediately after lighting it with a lighter. The problem is with my igniter. It won't spark.
Could be bad wiring from the electronics to the igniters. The high pitch means it's almost certainly charging the spark circuit.

Not sure how serviceable the wiring is but I'll take a look at mine.

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