Danson Louisianna Grill Controller G.3 and Louisiana Black Label Grill New Digital Controller with WiFi does adjust by 5 degrees


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May 11, 2020
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So Danson has a PID controller for $150 which you can adjust the temp by 5 degrees as I saw it on a video. That is about frustrating to see the same company produce a digital controller that can adjust to the temp in those increments. Danson has new Louisiana grills called Black Label with a WiFi controller and they adjust by 5 degrees as well and use the Smoke IT app.

I understand that Danson wants to separate the Brand, but that is insane to think that the Brand has a different controller than Pit Boss or if they use different controller make sure it works. If anyone has more insight or experience with Louisiana grill please let us know and share your insight. Honestly I might buy the $150 controller along with the wiring harness for my Pit Boss instead of SmokeDaddy since my PS1100 it just my secondary pellet grill.

I found a video where a guy install it on his vertical pit boss.

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Interesting, this might be worth investing in if they work (haven't watched the video yet).

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