Cold Smoking

Dave V.

New member
Jul 8, 2020
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Lakewood CA
I have a PB electric vertical smoker, 2 series. My smoker won't start to smoke until temp. reaches @ 320 deg. I want to cook "low and slow." I found it's impossible to smoke jerky at those temps. There are smoke generators out there that seem to work, so I adapted that idea for my "Wood Chip Box." I love to experiment so I bought Pellets, filled the box, set it on a brick outside and used the same method to start pellets in a smoke generator, but in my box. Once I got the pellets to burn good, I let the fire burn for 5 min. then blew out the fire. Closed the lid on my smoker box. Now, the smoker box isn't even in the smoker but sitting on a brick. It's been 2 hrs. smoking like a champ and it hasn't even burned one quarter of the pellets. This has made my day.

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