Code ER3


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Sep 26, 2021
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Deer River Mn
Hello, I am getting an er3 code on my Rancher xl pitboss and can't seem to find what is wrong. I think possibly the motor that turns it is shot as it will turn fine if no pellets but as soon as you add a handfull the auger stops and motor is still running. It will spin if you give the auger a little help but then stops again shortly after. I let it run until it was out of pellets and then the code popped up ER3 I have cleaned the auger and also the tube. Any help is appreciated
Thank you
When you cleaned the tube, did you remover the auger motor? One of the members had a pin come out that holds the auger to the auger motor. If the motor and auger came out as one, then the pin is still there. I'd call Pit Boss Tech support 877 303 3134 option 2.
Might be a bad motor.