Charleston combo won’t fully cook


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Dec 19, 2020
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Temecula ca
Hey everyone

New to pellet smokers and having an issue.

Recently got the Charleston Combo. I’ve smoked 1 pork loin (225 for 3hrs) and 2 tri tips (1 at 225 another at 300 both for about 2 hours or so). When all 3 meats were pulled off, the lower half of the meat was cooked, top half was raw. Got to the point where I had to cut everything into smaller pieces then grill it on the grilling side. My lid thermometer hasn’t gone above 150-200 degrees, even when cooking at 300.
Outside temps are mid 60s, I keep the lid closed and keep 2 meat probes in to verify the temp. Pulled the tri tip out tonight with meat probe saying 150 and the inside was raw after about 2hrs.
Anyone have any ideas on if I’m losing heat? Why uneven cooking? Any help is greatly appreciated.