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Dec 13, 2021
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Hey all, I am looking at a new pit boss pellet smoker. I want one in the 800 series. As of today 12/15/2021 I believe most of them have the new PID controller. What is the difference in the Navigator $899, Pro Series II $549, Sportsman $699, Mahogany $599, Laredo $450. I have read all I can and the price swing between the Navigator and Pro Series seems to high for there not to be a major difference. Help Please!!!
I am looking at getting the 850 Pro myself, and have been holding off to let the ones with the outdated controllers sell off. As to your other question I am looking forward to others answers. One answer may be is the pro series is exclusive to Lowe's, so there is some scale in moving a lot of product thru one customer.
I could be wrong but the Navigator and Sportsman have the non-PID controllers. Which isn't really a big deal at least to me. I have two PB pellet smokers and neither have a PID controller.
If the navigator does not have the PID controller how can it be $150 more than the Pro Series?? So damm confused!
If the navigator does not have the PID controller how can it be $150 more than the Pro Series?? So damm confused!
Here are the links for the Pro and Navigator series on the Pitboss website. Hope this helps.

Even reading those descriptions does not give the big differences in the models. I have been on there website a LOT the past month and it does not describe the differences in the models very well, not to justify that big of a difference for a unit that has less options?
Try calling Pit Boss Tech support 877 303 3134, I'm sure they would be able to explain the differences between them besides the price.
Maybe the little extra might be what you want, if it doesn't hurt your budget. Buyer remorse is terrible; I should have gotten this one instead.
The Navigator has a 28 Lb. pellet hopper. The 850PRO has a 20 Lb. hopper
The Navigator has no smoke stack. The 850PRO has a smoke stack.
The Navigator comes with a cover. The 850PRO has no cover.
You can get the same Navigator package with cover at Best Buy for about $150.oo less (link)

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