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I got an email from Bear mountain, their pellets are buy one get one. $17.99 for a 20lb bag and get another bag free. So basically $9 a bag. Cheaper than Tractor supply by a dollar. But hey a buck is a


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yeah, I always wait until they have those deals and then buy. I did check my tractor supply and all they had was oak (which is fine but I already have an unopened bag). I'll head over to their website and check it out and see if there is any I want.
I just went to the web site and started an order for a couple of bags. Shipping would have been $7.99, so for those people with access to Tractor Supply, that would still be the cheaper option assuming the ones you want are in stock.
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I just checked too. I don't remember them charging for shipping last time I did the BOGO sale. So good point
I went to my local Tractor Supply and Bear Mountain are 8.99 a bag. I bought 2 gourmet pellets. I noticed how dark the are, uniform sized pellets and no dust or crumbs in the bottom of the bag like I have with PB competition.
I don't use pit boss pellets anymore. I prefer Bear mountain. Pitboss had too much dust and alot of wood chunks. Alot of people like them but I prefer Bear mountain at $9.99 a bag
the only pellets I use now are Kingsford Hickory, Bear Mountain Oak.
I still have some leftovers of others that I will use up by mixing a little in with the good ones.
If the package does not say EXACTLY what is in it, then they are hiding something!
100% Hickory is what Kingsford says, Pit Boss does not give any information on their newer labels, they mostly say blend but don't say what it is blended with. I stay away from those that hide their ingredients

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