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Auger not feeding and peleltes and no heatfrom rod


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Nov 25, 2021
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Topeka, ks
I turned on my smoker and after 10 minutes I checked it and the auger was not ruling, the temp remained at 45 and when I checked the fire pot there was no heat. Ideas?
My guess is that the fire pot is not heating due to the ignitor timing out (no pellets being fed). If the hopper/auger were empty you need to press the "primer" button to fast feed pellets into the fire pot to get it started. If the auger had pellets from a previous cook I don't know what is going on.
I think this is one of the "pitfalls" to just about anything that runs in this manner. Pellet stoves operate under the same principle. Pellet stoves have a "reset" button that must be repeatedly pressed enough times to get the pellets from the hopper, through the auger, and to the firepot. If the smoker has a "reset" or "primer" button, you can hit that.

So, that being said, the simple answer is to start the smoker, and physically place a small handful of pellets into the firepot. I do it every time, and mine never times out.
If it's cold and windy out sometimes it doesn't light, hit the start button again.