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Mar 23, 2021
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cartersville, ga
I have the Pit Boss pro 1600 and I have non stop ash blowing all over the grates and the food. I cant even open and use the sear plate. I am new to pellet grills so I am not sure if this is normal but it doesn't seem that it should be. This happens no matter the temp I am cooking at. I did look for a thread already started about this but did not find one so if there is one I apologize. Any help or advice would be great.

did you ever figure out if the ash/flakes are normal? i've got a 1600 as well and it seems to throw a lot of it around. just opening the lid i have to hold my head back a little.

i've done all the cleaning and such, but it seems like the fan in the bottom of the grill is the cause.


I have a 1600, I do get some ash but I wouldn't say it's a lot. I'm not sure what would cause excessive ash though.
I have the same problem. Every time I have gone to empty the ash pan its been empty. I'm assuming that the fan is blowing the ash all over inside the smoker.
I get more ash from my weber charcoal grill than I do my vertical smoker, No big deal.
Does your unit have a defusser over the burn pot?
Attached here is the manual pdf with a parts list.

Does your 1600 have part number 21 installed? Is that another slide plate on the top as depicted in the exploded view?


Pellet grills have forced air blowing into the crucible to burn the pellets. A defuser should prevent the airborne ash from drifting all around the smoke chamber. If I Do a burn without my defuser I get the ash problem too. If piece number 21 has a slide built in it needs to be closed when smoking and open when "grilling". Piece numbers 5 & 6 also should be closed when smoking.
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