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Jan 20, 2021
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Las Cruces
After a lot of hesitation I jumped off the fence and ordered a Pit Boss 1100 Pro. Lowe’s will delivering it tomorrow. I’ve read a lot about the control issue, and even chatted the Customer Service, and they assured me if my controller has a problem that they will make it right.

I’ve been a stick burner for year, and will probably keep my Kamado Jo.
I canceled my order. To many negative post on the controller issues on the Pro 1150.
You made a wise decision canceling the order. Not worth the headache or experimentation to try to make something new work that should have worked out the box. I was really glad I took mine back, went ahead and purchased a Traeger Silverton from Costco. May have cost me more but love the way it’s set up and it cooked like a smoker should without have to engineer ways to make it work properly.
The BX has a Traeger Pro 34, for $650. It doesn’t have the WFi control, but that really doesn’t matter to me. No tax and free shipping. I really wanted one that sear steaks.
In all honesty I seared some steaks on the grill I returned but it really wasn’t what I was expecting on a seer. Sure the flame was there but in my opinion it was low to the grill area. I haven’t tried it yet on the Traeger but I’ve been told by some friends to set it high and you get some good results for a seer even without the flame on directly. I still have a propane and a stick burner so if I do really need a good seer I can just use one of them.
I think it will be okay. Imagine the tens of thousands who have bought one and not had an issue. Seems intermittent at worst. Let us know how it goes. 5 year warranty is a pretty strong statement by pit boss