adding a rotisserie to my PB pro 820


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Jun 2, 2021
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I just picked up a used onlyfire 6013. It is a perfect fit for my weber genesis silver B, however I think I can modify it for the PB pro 820.

Has anyone added a rotisserie to a PB prod 820?

I'm thinking that whole chickens smoked would be superb.
Not sure on the rotisserie, BUT, spatchcock (sp?) the bird and spread flat.
Cook to left or right--not over center area
I do it all the time!
Low and slow for 3-4 hrs.
I usually crank the temp to 275 for the last 30-40 mins.
Recommended internal temp--170, BUT, I usually go to 180 to be sure dark meat is "done to the bone"
Not dried out--moist!
Thanks. I looked closely at the smoker today and I'm not sure there is a good way to mount the rotisserie. I've done spatchcock before, maybe its time to try it again.
Thanks @MikeInFla That video had some good ideas, I like the idea of coming through the chimney, but the mounting on the outside seemed like a hack. I'll keep looking at this.

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