A Weird One


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Feb 12, 2021
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Midlothian, VA
So this weekend I fired up the 850 to smoke some spares. I kept the ribs on smoke for about an hour, turned it up to 225 and went back inside. I turned on the app which has been working as well as it does since my last controller replacement and then the fun begins. It wouldn't connect at first and then displayed that the 850 wasn't turned on. My heart picks up a couple of beats and when I go out to the garage I hear it running. When I walk up to it I see that the S is flashing and then going back to 225 on the display. To make a long story short, the smoker is working fine. Every time I turn on the app it says it's not connected and will try to force the smoker back to the smoke setting. Needless to say I uninstalled the bastard off of my phone for now. I've tried all of the basic stuff and will call them this weekend. Just wanted to see if any of you have heard of this one before.

Maybe I need an old priest and a young priest... :LOL: