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A new pellet smoker (new brand)


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Apr 24, 2020
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Kalamazoo, MI
I have never heard of this company but thought I would share (and I don't know how Pit Boss feels about promoting something else here but I think it is worth a look).

First, this is nothing I would ever need. The brand is called "Asmoke" and they are portable pellet grills. They weigh 42 pounds (yeah, not really portable right?). They also make their own pellets. These are not on the market yet from what I can tell, although they do have one that looks similar to the Austin XL on Amazon.

Check it out here:

And here is their website

The controllers on this looks like all controllers but the display is a bit different.
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This is a start up company and that would be perfect for camping or picnics. I have a 120v hook up on my truck this would be perfect.

Mike by the way this is not an official Pit Boss site so I assume the site owner does not mind showing off other pellet grills.