820XL Meat Probe


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Apr 10, 2021
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The meat probe on the 820XL are off by about 25 degrees. I checked the meat probes against a digital meat thermometer and a regular meat thermometer. The PB probes were running 25-30 degrees hotter that the other 2 thermometers. I was cooking a 12lb brisket at 225. The PB probes were showing the brisket at 190 degrees in about 4 hours. When I checked with the digital and regular thermometer temps were in the 160 range. Is there a way to correct this issue with the PB probes?
Pit Boss probes are garbage. Mine do the same thing. They even sent a replacement and it reads high as well so I don't use them anymore. I just use my Bluetooth thermometer instead plus I can see it on my phone.
That is a good idea. I will look for a good bluetooth thermometer and continue to use my digital thermometer. Those PB probes are a complete waste and I dont know why they bother to put the probe connections on the damn thing if they dont work. I suppose it just a way to sell the product. Thanks for your input will be looking for a good bluetotth thermometer.

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