820 takes forever to heat up, can’t get past high 300s


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Jul 11, 2021
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I have had this 820 for about 4 months. When i first got it i could reach 500. After about a month it takes me 45 min just to get to 350. I assume this is not how its supposed to work? I can get to 400s but i have to hold the prime button. I dont think the auger is turning enough. Could this be a bad control panel?
Call pitboss for a new board or make sure your pellets are feeding properly.
Have you cleaned it well? vacuumed out the fire pot?

Is the auger tube clean also?

Have you tried a new fresh bag of pellets?

I think I'd pull the grates, and the heat shield out completely, and do a test fire on it after a thorough cleaning.

I'd want to rule out all of the maintenance issues first.

good luck, let us know how things proceed.
I sometimes have to manually feed more to speed up the heating. I agree it should not be this way.

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