456D - Won't Stay Lit / Inconsistent Temp


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Aug 2, 2020
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Blairsville, PA
After using an electric bullet smoker for a few years, the wife upgraded me to a Pit Boss 456D smoker as a Christmas gift last year. I put it together this spring and have only used it about 4 times. All 4 times, I could not get the smoker to stay lit past 1 hour. When it did reignite, I couldn't get the temp to remain consistent. Very frustrated to say the least. Is there something I'm doing wrong, or likely a defect? If a defect, how do I go about returning it and getting a replacement?
Contact customer service, they are under warranty for 5 years. Leave them a call back number early in the day and they usually call back within a few hours. Could be going out due to P setting being too high. It defaults at 4 and best to leave it there although I assume you haven't messed with it.

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