2nd smoke with 820- 10 times better than first!!


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Jul 12, 2022
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had lots of trouble first time. Temp would not get up and had major swings and the meat never got up to temp and took forever to get done. I looked at the burner pot and noticed the ignitor rod was hardly visible so I reset it to 1/2" long and also opened my stack cap all the way, it was set where you could barley see the flu pipe. This thing is a smokin machine now!!! I had 30 degree difference between the left and right side and it held temp with 20 to 30 degrees today. Last time I hardly got a fire going in the pot now it shoots flame past the sear plate!! Cooked 9 pork chops that where 2" thick I got at costco for $15! I have never seen any this thick. Also did 8 burgers. Took a couple of pork chops to the neighbors and she called about 10 minutes later and said they were so juicy and tender you could cut them with a fork! She was asking how I cooked really thick chops and still kept them so juicy. She said they were the best she has ever had and her and her granddaughter were contemplating on if they should eat the second now or save it!!! HaHa. Im so glad I got this thing almost figured out. Best $100 bucks I have spent in a long time. Also Costco has a 40 lb. bag of pellets for $13.99 and they are made by pit boss for Costco. Gonna have to get me some of those. I can get a 20 lb. bag at work with my discount for $5.50 but that a great dell also!

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