100% Flavorwood pellets?


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May 28, 2021
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This isn’t specifically Pit Boss pellets but this is as close a category I guess I can post this.
I’m new to the pellet thing obviously and have been asking a lot and experimenting quite a bit. I’ve looked and sometimes it’s hard to find what I would think is a simple answer to Who has true 100% pellets? So far I’ve found and tried the Kingsford Hickory to be pretty darn good for me. It says 100% hickory on the bag and adverts. I’ve bought and tried several brands and flavors in a short time. Who else makes real 100% pellets of the flavor they are? I thought Bear Mountain was but after trying their Hickory today I found the flavor not as good as the Kingsford. I just did a little research and finally found they contain hickory and alder wood I believe? Not to say they were horrible but definitely didn’t taste pure hickory to me or my wife either on some brisket I did today. I realize everybody has a different taste and opinion. I already figured out the word Blend is a giveaway. Now I’m finding they like to use the term 100% hardwood. I guess it’s better than the artificial flavoring added to some but I’m finding it sort of hard to nail some of them down.
if I want mesquite for example. I want 100% mesquite. Maybe it’s just me but a whole bunch of this stuff has a strange taste or aftertaste. The Kingsford hickory to us is about the only one that tastes natural. The charcoal by PB is ok. At least it doesn’t have that wierd taste. I use it in the hopper and am still mixing chips with pellets in tubes for a decent flavor. I actually did some baby backs with all Kingsford hickory pellets and no chips. And it was pretty good. The wife didn’t even notice. Said they were good. Lol. And she ain’t bashful about telling it like it is.
I’ve looked. And even found some of them USED to be? And aren’t now? To me to label a bag hickory (or whatever) and then say 100% hardwood and find there’s a few different woods in there is kinda deceiving.
I’ve accumulated quite a collection. Lol. And some of it to me ain’t fit to start a fire with. And me being the dummy I am would buy two bags instead of one and find out I didn’t care for it. With that being said I give myself the Dummy Award.
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