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Corned Beef Brisket flat on the left, full brisket on the right. Went on this morning at 4am.

Another try at chicken, this time with improved results. Thanks to those good folks here in the forum that provided good tips during an earlier post.
Legs and thighs, 2 hours on smoke with a couple sticks tossed in. Water in the pan.
After 2 hours the internal temp was 115 or so, so at that point, I pulled the water pan and cranked it up to about 340. Within a half hour I was at that, so I rolled it back trying to stay 325 or so.
Not quite an hour in i was at 165 internal temp so I let it ride up to 175-180. At that point I pulled the chicken out and foil wrapped, wanting to help keep moisture.
I dialed back to 170 and let it ride until my wife came home from shopping. About an hour on 170.
Assessment, very good. Skin not as rubbery as last time but still a bit chewy. Meat was pulled apart easily with a fork. Good Smokey flavor. I basted two sections with a sauce just to see. Turned out good too.
So before doing this for the family, which means filling the upright, I want another run to make sure I have a handle on things.
First smoke of the spring was a short, easy one. This was the first time I smoked a meatloaf - delicious! Thanks to everyone who has posted about doing this and inspiring me to try it. I'm not sure if I will enjoy an oven-baked meatloaf ever again.

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Looks great! That is one of my favorites. Try wrapping in bacon next time,it's fantastic that way.

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