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  1. DaveXDm9

    Pro Series 820 Internal Temperature Sensor Issues

    I assume the controller that was sent to you is bad so I would reach out to PB and have them keep sending you controllers until one works.
  2. DaveXDm9

    Not enough smoke

    Welcome to the forum. Pellet grills are not know for serious smoking and different brands of pellets do help as it just takes time to learn and burn.
  3. DaveXDm9

    Pro Series 820 Internal Temperature Sensor Issues

    The meat probes I would not trust it at all. Pellet grills are going to swing in temp it does not matter how much you pay for a grill they will swing. PID controllers temps swing as well not as much as a Non-PID,but they do. try doing this start your grill based on the manual as you know set to...
  4. DaveXDm9

    Looking to buy pit boss

    Just like all companies right now experiencing an impact from Covid - 19 and Pit Boss is dealing with as well since the grills are manufactured in China. There customer service was outstanding before Covid so this company has not been bad they just make poor decisions. I replaced my controller...
  5. DaveXDm9

    Not heating up

    I had a original GMG Daniel Boone as it was my first pellet grill it had temps swings pretty bad, but I donated to my church as I wanted a bigger grill so I bought the Pro Series 1100. I did replace my Pit Boss controller with a Savannah Stoker controller, but prior to that I only experienced...
  6. DaveXDm9

    Austin XL Auger won’t stop feeding

    Check and make sure that the Auger and Fan connections are not reversed. Go to your manual and look at the wiring and make sure the factory did not plug the auger cable to the fan connection to the controller and the Fan cable to the auger connection to the controller. This seems to be an...
  7. DaveXDm9

    warranty 5 year

    Unfortunately we have this issue of Covid-19 and unfortunately these grills are made in China. Therefore causing quality issues due to factory shut downs and trying to catch up and top of that PB has shortage of replacement parts.
  8. DaveXDm9

    Won't Turn On

    It depends how fast you want to get back to grilling. We are not forcing anyone to go buy an aftermarket parts at all. If it is a controller I would not recommend to go buy a new controller, but for a igniter or RTD temp probe then why not. Still call Pit Boss and they will send you a new one...
  9. DaveXDm9

    Won't Turn On

    That is a nice place and great prices, but I would not purchase an auger from them as they are only selling 1.6 rpm and Pit Boss as upgraded there augers to 2.0 rpm motors If you have a larger Pit Boss grill then I would stay away from the 1.6 rpm.
  10. DaveXDm9

    Won't Turn On

    Make sure all the connections to the controller are tight and connected. Look at the power cord and the wires going to the the controller. One more thing can you try another outlet?
  11. DaveXDm9

    225-250 temp setting random flame outs

    The P setting does only work in the Smoke setting and Pit Boss will confirm it. There is no secondary fan besides the fan on the auger which only supposed to keep the auger motor cool. To be Honest I replaced my PB controller with an after market controller and never had an issue since I...
  12. DaveXDm9

    KC Combo won’t go past S (smoke)

    Sorry I am not familiar with that PID controller plus there are not alot of user with that grill so we can all learn from as you guys are Pit Boss's guiena pigs on these new Platinum series.
  13. DaveXDm9


    I have a feeling that the controller is bad.
  14. DaveXDm9

    hot spot on 820 ps1

    I was telling him the hot spots on a Pro Series 1100 for comparison.
  15. DaveXDm9

    Excessive Hopper Smoke

    Can you check the pellets in the auger to see if they are burnt or is your fire pot over filling?
  16. DaveXDm9

    850 pit boss won’t fire up

    there were more than one owner this happen too. I guess the factory worker could not read directions.
  17. DaveXDm9

    hot spot on 820 ps1

    he did say 820
  18. DaveXDm9

    850 pit boss won’t fire up

    Nice instructions from Pit Boss with this China crap controller. Hopefully they will get a new PID controller out soon for the Pro Series, Navigation, Austin, and Sportsman models soon. My Savannah Stoker controller and my new Yoder controller tells you if the igniter is working or not.
  19. DaveXDm9

    Smoking through pellet box during shutdown on KC Combo

    Hopefully someone will help you because your not the only one that had this problem. Can you see if the pellets are burned in your auger tube. Personally I do not think PB fully tested there Platinum series grills.
  20. DaveXDm9

    850 pit boss won’t fire up

    When the prime button is engage the igniter shuts off now that info I was told not from Pit Boss. I never tested it, but let us know what happens if everything is working.