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    What are you cooking for Thanksgiving?

    Yeah. Get it to about 145 in the smoker. Then in the fryer. Sometimes just the fryer will dry out the meat so this limits the amount of time but it will give you that crispy skin that is just so hard to duplicate in a smoker or even the oven. One thing when doing this. Be easy on your rubs...
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    What are you cooking for Thanksgiving?

    Have you ever done smoke / fried? Did it last year after a wet brine and came out great.
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    What are you cooking for Thanksgiving?

    One spatchcocked turkey. One spatchcocked chicken. Both wet brined with apple spice, and the chicken cajun butter injected. Then throw them skin side down on the grill to crisp the skin. Lobster smoked mac and cheese. Smoked seafood stuffed portobellos. Everything else in the oven or stove.
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    Let's see your Pit Boss Weekend Cooks

    Here's something that always gets the party started right. Arrange your chicken pieces like this and let your guests see it.
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    What's up with rib prices?

    I smoke / fried a brined turkey last year. It was great.
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    Danger! Fire hazard!

    They will only replace the parts? Well the parts are burned. They need replacement. They should send you a whole new grill considering the amount of damage done. Don't give up without a fight. They owe you.
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    Let's see your Pit Boss Weekend Cooks

    Hank Be advised that the 12 days was because of the 3 inch thickness which is a pretty good size. Two inches or less can be done in 7 to 8 days.
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    Let's see your Pit Boss Weekend Cooks

    Thanks Hankhill I have a meat guy that raises his own pigs and just has the best belly. These were just short of 3 inches thick and he trims the fat layer off. Find a cure you like (this one was maple, but pepper is a favorite too) and cure until you get that pink tone all the way through...
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    Let's see your Pit Boss Weekend Cooks

    I did pork belly last Sunday after finding some beauties at a local meat mart.
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    What's up with rib prices?

    Every meat seems to up except maybe chicken. But beef is just out of control.
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    Setting to Smoke Mode when turning on

    If you have a constant 150 degrees you arent going to get your meat temp above that. Chicken, brisket, whatever. You cant cook at 150 guys. You want more smoke? Get an auxiliary smoke tube, tray, whatever. Or ditch the pellet cooker altogether and get another type smoker.
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    Alot of ash build up, is that normal?

    The 1150 has that gap on the left side where the rounded heat deflector sits on the flat support. Lots of ash comes up through there and also blows heat directly onto the temp sensor. If you have a ton of ash on the grates you have it on your food. If you are using Pit Boss pellets (and a few...
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    First time Pit Boss owner with a question about the value of thermal blankets

    Not sure a thermal blanket is going to help with evening the temps across the grates. I recently bought the 1150 pro also and I used that Smoke Like a Boss mod side heat deflector and a deflector over the firepot. I also put gasket where the lid closes on the left, right, and bottom. (If you...
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    Beef Brisket

    Brisket is very different than pork butt. Remember you are cooking to the thickness of the meat. If you have a 9 lb. brisket that is 3 inches thick and a 9 pounder that is 5 inches thick the cook times will vary by quite a bit. At 9 pounds I'm not sure if you're cooking a full packer or a...
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    Book recommendations?

    Theres a site called Hey grill Hey. Lots of people follow her and her husband. Tons of recipes. Although I don't agree with her cook temps, I have used some of her recipes when looking for something different. And its free. Shes also on facebook and has a ton of recipes posted there too...
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    Setting to Smoke Mode when turning on

    That's correct.
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    Another Rookie with a Pellet Flavor Question

    I would say close off your vents a little. For a pellet cooker the smoke needs to take a little more time in the chamber. Also the brand of pellets can make a big difference. And last...use a smoke tube or chip tray to get more smoke flowing.
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    Not much smoke on Brunswick Platinum

    Looking good! Love beef ribs.