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    The Video You've Watched The Most

    Ok, so I watch too many cooking videos as many of you do as well. Post your all time favorite! Here's the one I've probably watched the most. Long but I love these guys...
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    A Weird One

    So this weekend I fired up the 850 to smoke some spares. I kept the ribs on smoke for about an hour, turned it up to 225 and went back inside. I turned on the app which has been working as well as it does since my last controller replacement and then the fun begins. It wouldn't connect at...
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    Happy Easter!!!

    What did you cook?
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    First Pit Boss Meatlof

    PB Hickory in the hopper and Bbqrs Delight Apple in the tube. Head Country for the glaze.
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    The New Toy

    About to start the second test run...
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    Smoke Daddy Sear Station

    Anyone have one of these???