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  1. MikeInFla

    Getting err code and igniter flashing

    Usually that means a bad igniter. Give them a call and report the issue.
  2. MikeInFla

    Pit Boss 820 Auger Not Spinning

    Could be the motor. Either it is not running like it should or the sheer pin fell off causing it not to rotate the auger. I had this same issue a year or two ago and they said I had a jammed auger and I needed to take it out. So I did and it was not jammed. I had no idea what was wrong until I...
  3. MikeInFla

    Where do I buy the KC Combo?

    Walmart is the only place to buy it. Since you are buying one for your Florida home, do you have anyone nearby in Florida who could pick it up for you? No idea why they don't ship.
  4. MikeInFla

    Firmware Update for Pit Boss Pro Series 850?

    This is something that should have been done from the git go. When the 850 and 1150 first came out I almost got one then decided to wait and see what others said. Then when the PID controllers only went up by 25 degrees I decided not to get one (not like I need another grill anyway). But I am...
  5. MikeInFla

    Lexington Temp Control

    Good news, glad to hear!
  6. MikeInFla

    More rust...

    I had some on mine and sanded it. Then used high heat (grill) spray paint and it seemed to do the trick.
  7. MikeInFla

    Brand new pro 850 2 not making temp

    From what I understand the newer models take much longer to heat up the first several times you use them. Someone here who has one can verify.
  8. MikeInFla

    Hamburgers on PBV4PS2 vertical smoker. Anything special?

    Haven't tried burgers yet on my vertical. I always cook them on the PB pellet grill instead of vertical. You can watch this and maybe get an idea. FF to about 3:12 if you don't want to watch someone patting burgers.
  9. MikeInFla

    Gas igniter AA battery spring broken

    I would call customer service and ask for a new one. 877.303.3134
  10. MikeInFla

    Lexington Temp Control

    No idea since I don't have that model. I believe there are some Lexington owners here maybe one will reply.
  11. MikeInFla

    PB820D no power to display

    Haven't heard of this problem. Call Pit Boss and see if they know what it is.
  12. MikeInFla

    Choice brisket!

    So are you saying it would take 14.5 hours to cook my work boots? Might try it sometime with an old pair I no longer wear. Why not? The last brisket I did tasted like an old leather boot. :ROFLMAO:
  13. MikeInFla

    Let’s talk pulled Pork.

    Same here, no butcher. No, tissue doesn't break down. 205 should be plenty. Maybe it's just the cut of meat.
  14. MikeInFla

    what's your favorite pellet and why

    No but I wish they would offer me the survey!
  15. MikeInFla

    Smoke setting - temp for cooking ribs

    The PID controllers do not have a P setting, those are for the older controllers. While the older controllers have the P setting they also have huge temp swings.
  16. MikeInFla

    Lexington Temp Control

    Anyone here who owns a Lexington want to chime in? I don't have this model so I'm unsure. Give them a call 877.303.3134
  17. MikeInFla

    New guy here.

    To clean the glass door on my vertical I use LA Awesome. You can find it for a dollar a bottle at Dollar General. I find this works better than anything else at getting the grime off. You can buy a big refill for 3 bucks...
  18. MikeInFla

    Let’s talk pulled Pork.

    I don't really like the fat either but love pulled pork. These days I try to stay away from fatty foods (as I get older). I've done Boston Butts and pork shoulders (is there even a difference? Some are labeled by different names). I've used rub, no rub, done many different things. None of them...
  19. MikeInFla

    3 Yardbirds on the PBV4

    So is that one for you, one for the wife and one for ME?
  20. MikeInFla


    They are currently updating the website.