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  1. MikeInFla

    Char-Griller Gravity 980

    It's not a Pit Boss but it looks like a nice grill. I know many people here have more than one grill/smoker. I don't need another one myself ( I have 3 and another just isn't in the cards). The new gravity fed grill from Chargriller looks pretty cool. Anderson's Smokeshow has a nice rundown on...
  2. MikeInFla

    Pit Boss BBQ Sauce?

    Wonder if it is any good?? I didn't get it because we have plenty. Looks like about $7 a bottle.
  3. MikeInFla

    New pellet grill from Cuisinart

    Looks to have a PID controller. $797 at Walmart
  4. MikeInFla

    I found another new brand of pellet grills

    Walmart brand. No idea who makes them and they did not have it out on display, only in the box. Looking at the box it appears to have a PID controller but I am not 100% sure. No price was listed.
  5. MikeInFla

    New Pellet grill from Broil King BBQ

    I do not know anything about this brand or this company but thought I would share. Looked on the website and they cost $1700. Out of my price range.
  6. MikeInFla

    New Firmware for Pit Boss Pro 1150

    10 degree increments up to 300 degrees then 25 after that. Sucks to have to mail it off to them. Glad I did not buy one of these until the bugs are worked out.
  7. MikeInFla

    Ash vacuum 49.99

    RedStone Ash Vacuum Cleaner, ECA806N-800 At Tractor Supply. -
  8. MikeInFla

    Lifesmart Pellet Grill

    Have never heard of this company but they make a pellet grill with PID controller available at Sam's for $419.
  9. MikeInFla

    Please read concerning customer service

    If you have an issue with your grill, shipping problems, etc please do not contact myself, Dave or Prime One. We do not work for Pit Boss. We have normal jobs and families. This forum is not an official Pit Boss forum but a forum of owners . We are just like everyone here. We are here to help...
  10. MikeInFla

    Yummly smart thermometer

    Saw these at Lowe's today while looking for Kingsford pellets (they didn't have any and I have never seen them at Lowe's so I wasn't surprised when I didn't find them). I did see a smart thermometer. At $130 that's too much for me but I thought I would share anyway.
  11. MikeInFla

    The new Brunswick

    Haven't seen this for sale anywhere yet.
  12. MikeInFla

    Anyone have an air fryer?

    Just bought one as a Christmas present and was wondering how well these work. Would like to do fries and such on it but was also wondering how well they did meat. One of my dilemma is crispy chicken skin. I was wondering if anyone ever smoked chicken on a pellet smoker then finished it off in...
  13. MikeInFla

    Crispy chicken skin?

    This is one area where I need improvement. Most of the time when I smoke chicken on the pellet grill or the vertical smoker I get rubbery skin. Sometimes I will get it just right with crispy skin but that seems to be a rare event. Today I am going to try some bone-in chicken breasts with skin...
  14. MikeInFla

    Pit Boss side smoker

    Seems to me it isn't needed. He gives an update in the comments that he can't get it to go over 200 degrees.
  15. MikeInFla

    Chex Mix

  16. MikeInFla

    Smoke-It App

    I don't have a grill with WiFi but I found this video. He says he has some tips but I haven't watched the whole thing yet. Maybe it can help people out.
  17. MikeInFla

    Pellets at Sam's

    No idea how good these are but they have two varieties at Sam's. If I didn't already have a shed full of pellets I would try them out. $14.95 for a 40 lb bag.
  18. MikeInFla

    Wood chips in a pellet tube?

    This guy doesn't seem to be a fan of pellet smokers so he put wood chips in the tube. I'll try this out sometime. Smoking a pork shoulder right now and using my smoke tube with pellets so maybe I'll try it on my next smoke .
  19. MikeInFla

    Pit Boss Customer Support #

    Here it is in case anyone needs it. 877.303.3134
  20. MikeInFla

    This is pretty funny

    It's about Traeger grills but can apply to any pellet grill.