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  1. panzon3

    Pork butt

    Pork butt time. I’m using a rub my sister got me for my birthday. Stanley East Texas Rub. Using the same pellets Bear Mountain Oak. And of course using the smoke tube. I’ll be spritzing with a combo apple cider vinegar and apple juice with a little bit of water to tone it down. Taste test to follow.
  2. panzon3

    Chicken thighs

    Cooking chicken thighs with skin on. Using Suckle buster Clucker dust. I am a big fan of KOSMOS but trying something different. Using Bear Mountain Oak pellets at 300 degrees for about an hour. Then wrapping tray with foil for about an hour or internal temp of 200. Then transferring the thighs...
  3. panzon3

    Putting in some work

    Trying one of the first rubs I bought when I first started cooking on my Pitboss KC combo. Now that it’s seasoned really good, I decided to use Bear Mountain Oak pellets. I saw a guy on YouTube grade 7 different pellets and Bear Mountain was the #1 winner. The rub I’m using is Big Moe Cason...
  4. panzon3

    Chicken thighs

    Trying some chicken thighs today. Using KOSMOS Dirty bird on one tray and Ciw Cover on another tray. Smoking at 250 with Pitboss Classic pellets. Put a ban if Parkay squeeze butter on top just to keep them moist. Let’s see how they turn out. Putting them in for about an hour to see if the top...
  5. panzon3

    Brisket time

    Using my own rub that has worked pretty good so far. Smoking a 8-9 pound brisket with Pitboss Classic pellets. I usually use a smoke tube but not today. My Pitboss is seasoned pretty good now so I’m gonna see if the smoke flavor comes through without the tube.
  6. panzon3

    Putting in some work

    Using KOSMOS Cow Cover on some ribs. Smoking with a smoke tube at 250. Using the the 3-2-1 method. Wrapping with tabs of butter and some light KOSMOS Cow Cover And a touch of brown sugar. Then glazing with KOSMOS Original BBQ sauce. Let’s see how they turn out. Taste test later
  7. panzon3

    Pork Butt

    Pork Butt with KOSMOS Cow Cover rub. Using a smoke tube with BB Pecan pellets. Smoking it at 275.
  8. panzon3

    Competition style chicken thighs

    Saw a video on YouTube. Trying chicken thighs with KOSMOS Dirty bird rub. Smoking on my KC combo at 275. Glazing with KOSMOS original BBQ sauce.
  9. panzon3

    Bout to pit in work

    KOSMOS Dirty Bird and Post Oak pellets with smoke tube. Injected the pork butt with Creole butter for an added flavor. Cooking at 250 degrees. Update on bark and taste later. Let’s see how this combination works
  10. panzon3

    Puttin in work

    Time to put in the work. Using my own blend of rub. Coarse black pepper, sea salt, garlic powder, paprika and cayenne. Also using B B Post Oak pellets with a smoke tube
  11. panzon3

    Trying new pellets

    I’m trying new pellets. I apologize that they are not Pitboss but I like to try different products. I do not endorse anything I use, it’s just my backyard cooking that I like to post. I’m trying Post Oak pellets from BB. They smell great. And I’m using KOSMOS Honey Chipotle Killer Bee Rub for my...
  12. panzon3

    New method for my brisket

    I’m gonna smoke my brisket for food bark and internal temp of about 165. Then I’m gonna finish it off in my oven. I’m gonna save some pellets by doing this. I am still using my rub of salt, pepper and garlic powder. Let’s see how it goes.
  13. panzon3


    Not to shabby again. Made a 9 lb pork butt. Used a KOSMOS Dirty Bird rub. Seasoned it overnight. Pit it in at 7am at 250 degrees. Wrapped it at Noon and turned it up to 275 degrees. It just hit 205 internal temp. Letting it rest for an hour. Stay tuned for the taste test
  14. panzon3

    Trying new pellets and rub

    Ok so I switched from Competiton blend pellets from Academy to PitBOSS Charcoal pellets. I’m also using a smoke tube with charcoal pellets. I am using a new rub I got from KOSMOS. I don’t work for any of these brands nor am I endorsing them. This is just what I am doing. I will post updates to...
  15. panzon3

    First time with smoke tube

    Ok so I have a KC Combo pit. I have cooked one brisket and it was OK. The smoke flavor was not what I like and the smoke ring was very small. I cooked a 16lb prime brisket that I trimmed myself. I cooked at 225 for 6 hours and let the bark set to a dark mahogany color. I then wrapped it in pink...
  16. panzon3

    Not enough smoke

    I cooked ribs 2X and Brisket once. I’m not getting enough smoke flavor on my meat that I like. The ribs were OK and the brisket was not. Is there an aftermarket PID controller that can help with this or am I gonna have to buy a smoke tube? I can add a little more smoke with the “Prime” button...