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  1. Straightravage

    Competition blend comparison

    Just wanted to share this. Lowes pellets do not look anything like the pellets from BJ’s. BJ, are darker. Smoke better. And taste better. I had to throw out over 50lbs of crap Lowes pellets. Every bag I got from Lowe’s has issues in them. Like paint in chips. Chunks of unprocessed wood. I’d...
  2. Straightravage

    Pellet storage question

    Hi all, When grilling almost everyday do you store your pellets that are still in the hopper? It’s been light raining where I’m at for several days. is there any issue or concern for not emptying the hopper? Should I get a huge decedent pack to help remove the moisture if I let the...
  3. Straightravage

    New member from MD

    New member from Maryland. currently own the 1150. But I want to upgrade to the 1600!
  4. Straightravage

    Pro series 1600 out of stock

    Hello, everyone. i am looking at ordering a 1600, currently have a 1150. But I like all the features of the 1600. but Lowe’s has none in stock. No state around me carries the 1600. I was able to order it online through Lowe’ But I got an email that said it was delayed. No estimated...