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  1. Steve In Pa

    Hello from Wally

    I have a vertical and it’s been great
  2. Steve In Pa

    Left meatloaf out

    Yea this is a tough one to be definitive on. There’s so many variables. We keep stuff in the fridge probably longer than a lot would. W sometimes let stuff out overnight until it cools. That would be beef products. Fish and seafood don’t get near that much leeway. Then there’s my mentor...
  3. Steve In Pa

    Lack of smoke

    That’s pretty technical info there.
  4. Steve In Pa

    DEAL Lowes - Charcoal Pellets $8.97/bag

    Ours is at 19.98 so a possible local managers clearance thing.
  5. Steve In Pa

    Lack of smoke

    Ditto. In addition I started using chips mixed with pellets in the tubes. I get more smoke that way. Additionally, I sometimes start at the smoke setting for a couple hours, which on my machine is about 130 F. That gets more smoke and after that period switch over to a usual cook temp.
  6. Steve In Pa

    uneven temp on cooking grids

    I’m a vertical model so someone on the horizontals may be able to answer
  7. Steve In Pa

    New member

    I have a vertical model. On that there is a temp variance from level to level. For example, at the bottom by the burn pot, it’s the hottest. The other three levels vary depending on ambient temps and wind. So I deal with that by using oven thermometers to tell me were the temp is at a...
  8. Steve In Pa

    New member

    Keep at it I’m still learning over two years into this
  9. Steve In Pa

    Foil or Butcher Paper?

    Similar here. Sloppy cook > foil. Not so sloppy > paper. 😁
  10. Steve In Pa

    Smoke strip steaks.

    Thanks for sharing your venture. I was thinking about searing beforehand, then switching to a higher temp smoke mode to finish like an indirect cook.
  11. Steve In Pa

    New member

    Dewey in Arizona?
  12. Steve In Pa

    Brisket flat came out dry and tough. Please help

    I use a couple probes just in case my placement is off on one. Latest pork butt had one probe showing a 5-6 degree difference from the other.
  13. Steve In Pa

    Boston Butt Stall

    For that reason and more is why I plan my prep to allow much more time than needed. Sometimes i cook a day in advance and then we reheat. Which is what a lot of pros do anyway.
  14. Steve In Pa

    Smoke sticks with pellet and wood chip mix

    You might be on to something.
  15. Steve In Pa

    Boston Butt Stall

    One suggestion was to keep the water pan full and spritz often. Apparently that helps control evaporation. But I have the vertical model with a nice built in water pan. So I did all that including the spritzing anyway and still had the stall.
  16. Steve In Pa

    Boston Butt Stall

    I just had a tight foil wrap with no pan and that held most of the juices while cooking, but I think the foil pan idea to catch stuff would be the better way to go.
  17. Steve In Pa

    Boston Butt Stall

    Interesting phenomenon But can be handled
  18. Steve In Pa

    Boston Butt Stall

    Never ran into a stall before but it seems I did today with a Boston Butt. Around 160 internal it just sat there. For a long time. After a couple hours I did a search on stallling and took the wrap in foil and raise the temperature option. It worked. About a half hour into the higher temp...