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    Weekend cook ahead of weekend, how to reheat a butt?

    Hey all. My wife and I were having our parents over for our 1 year anniversary on the 24th, and the plan was to have pulled pork. I planned on doing a low and slow over night cook Saturday night into Sunday, and pull it for lunch. The issue is that its supposed to rain and or storm now, so I am...
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    Smoked Salt, anyone make their own?

    A while back before I got my vertical smoker, I bought some smoked salt from somewhere. Not it seems hard to find. I was just thinking I smoked beef tallow, which adds a good smoke hint to anything you cook with it, so why couldn't we smoke our own salt the same way? Has anyone tried it...
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    Share your patio, porch, deck, garage, driveway smoking and grilling set up!

    Here's my grilling and smoking corner. I got a new buddy for my PBV4PS2 and patio. I have been watching price on this Keter Unity XL Portable Outdoor Table for a while. The price dropped on amazon and I had some spare credit cash, so I jumped. This is going to come in super handy to put trays...
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    Best fix for chipping paint on new smoker (pbv4ps2)

    Got my new smoker the other day. Lowes first brought out a box that the bottom 5 or so inches was mangled and torn opened, so I asked for a different example. They retrieved one with only a minor crushed corner (front left of smoker). Upon opening the box at home, there was no damage to that...
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    Outdoor resilience if covered - PBV4PS2

    Does anyone keep their smokers with fancy electric controllers outside and covered? I keep my grills on the patio with decent covers, but they aren't electric. This thing is big enough that I wouldn't be able to easily move it back and forth for use. I would bring it inside for winter, but...
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    Thinking of PBV4PS2, temperature selection question

    Good day everyone. My wife and I are about to get into the smoking world. We are strongly considering the PBV4PS2 from Lowes. I saw some new comments on a youtube video stating that the temperature control has been updated to be 10 degree increments. This comment was about 5 days ago. Does...