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    Smoke IT app

    Swipe it.
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    Temperature setting

    Post a model number and we might be able to help out.
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    Competition blend comparison

    I've been getting mine from Lowe's for years and never had a problem. Never got them from BJ's. Never been to BJ's.
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    New Upstate NY Member

    My 1150 Pro with the new controller is doing well. Doesn't like temps over 350 or so but I can make it get there. Still experimenting but I ran an Austin XL for 5 years and made some great food. These things are built for low and slow. I'm happy with mine and I can easily get 4 racks on it...
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    New Pellet smoker

    I only use competition blend too and I'm happy. Lower temps for more smoke. Try putting your ribs on 'S' for the first hour or so then moving them up to your cook temp (I do mine at 225). Plenty of smoke. And yes, the fan runs all the time. Keeps the fire from going out. Also, I never open...
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    Hello - entering the world of pellet grilling with the PB850PS2

    The lower the temp the more the smoke. Put it on the 'S' setting and you'll get more smoke. Let it ride there for a bit then turn it up to whatever temp you like. Grate temp on mine is about 225 on the 'S' setting (180 in the chamber) so I'm good with it. You can also manually run the auger...
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    Hello - entering the world of pellet grilling with the PB850PS2

    I keep my 1150 under a cover and never empty the hopper or clean out the auger. Not saying you shouldn't but I haven't in 6 years of owning pellet smokers and never had a problem. I do run it a couple times a week but it has sat for up to three weeks without issues. Your problem at 250 is...
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    Please Post your PB 1150 New Firmwate Update results

    Gotta admit, starting to like the 1150 more and more. Smoked jerky this morning. Sliced and put it in marinade at noon yesterday. Very thin cut eye of round and some thicker cut rump roast. Started with a 350 burn off and it took forever to get there. Almost 47 minutes at 74 degree outside...
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    Please Post your PB 1150 New Firmwate Update results

    Picked up the 1150 Pro at Lowe's a couple weeks ago and waited for the new controller to arrive. I've been smoking for years on my Austin XL and while not very accurate temp wise, it was a workhorse and tons of great meat came off that thing. Decided to try a new one before spending a few...
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    Prospective Pro Series 1150 - PID Replacement

    Controller install takes about 10 minutes and is simple. They're sending new ones now so when I got home from Lowe's I just sent them an email and they sent me one. 3 days later it was here. I've only had a couple of cooks on the new controller. It's doing a much better job of holding temp...
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    Solid slide plate for pro series 1150

    The guys at Smokes Like A Boss have something that might help. I haven't tried it but it appears to disperse the flame.
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    How to Remove Smoker from App?

    Good to know. Thanks.
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    How to Remove Smoker from App?

    Well, while I didn't figure out how to remove a smoker, it only took a minute to delete the app, reload it and add the new smoker. Not perfect but it works.
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    How to Remove Smoker from App?

    Hey guys, got my 1150 up and running and put it in the app. A week later got my new controller installed and had to add it as a new smoker. Anyone know how to get the old one off the app? I see how to add one but not how to remove one.