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    Is the LockHart worth it?

    my LockHart is a learning issue...smoke chamber is's a pellet eater doing 4 whole yardbirds...
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    Brisket time

    Good on that! (y)
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    1st Ribs...on the LockHart...

    I gotta try that! Thanks...
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    1st Ribs...on the LockHart...

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    Officially kicked out!

    He in progress building a BBQ i'll be keeping all my :poop: outside!
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    Clean the heat deflector after every cook (yes/no)?

    been seeing folks put aluminum foil over it...then throw it out with minimal cleaning...not sure yet...still getting my Lockhart dialed in...
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    New Bourbon BBQ Blend Pellets

    Dern sure gonna try these...
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    Brisket time

    Sure looks good!
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    Make your own rub

    Friend posted this on another forum...pretty dang good!
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    Make your own rub

    Magic Dust Ingredients: ½ cup paprika ¼ cup kosher salt, finely ground ¼ cup sugar 2 tbs mustard powder ¼ cup chili powder ¼ cup ground cumin 2 tbs ground black pepper ¼ cup granulated garlic 2 tbs cayenne pepper Directions: Mix all ingredients and store in a tightly covered container. Yield...
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    New Pit Boss inteo

    Nice...I just got a Lockhart & i'm getting it dialed in...
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    Not new to smoking or grilling. Wife bought me a LockHart...look forward to putting it to work.